POZ Mineral Australia publishes excellent video on UltraGPR

Groundradar’s Australian partners, Core Geophysics, has undertaken a series of extensive surveys in rural Western Australia to map paleochannels anticipated to contain diamonds for POZ Minerals.  POZ has published an excellent video explaining the exploration program using UltraGPR here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeTNv5scIJU.  The video also discusses failed attempts using consumer-grade radar systems to map the paleochannels.

Groundradar at PDAC 2018

With Groundradar’s dramatic growth in the last six months, PDAC afforded new partners an opportunity to discuss the implications of new radar technologies to their exploration and development projects.  Significant interest was shown in Groundradar’s deep GPR technology, as well as borehole radar instruments.  

UltraGPR undergoing field trials at Koniambo, New Caledonia

Groundradar first visited Koniambo when it was a Falconbridge exploration project in 1997-98, and Dr. Francke conducted a large portion of his MSc research on Koniambo and Goro.  20 years later, Koniambo is re-examining the application of long-range UltraGPR to map the lateritic weathering profile at their deposits.