About Us

Groundradar is the world’s most experienced GPR service provider, with over 27 years’ experience on projects in 103 countries. Our project experience ranges from Arctic Sweden to the jungles of Madagascar, and from the deserts of Libya to the beaches of Jamaica. In every possible environment and deposit type, Groundradar has been there.

Groundradar was founded by Dr. Jan Francke, the leading expert on GPR applications to mineral exploration, with dozens of publications to his name (Google Scholar) .

Groundradar designs its own custom GPR instruments for specific projects and mineral deposit types. Aside from our flagship UltraGPR deep radar technology, Groundradar also develops custom GPR solutions, ranging from drone-mounted GPR systems to borehole radar probes.

Our technologies are continually being updated with upgraded hardware and software systems. In addition, we have found that although GPR is one of the easiest geophysical methods to use, it is also the easiest method to mis-use by inexperienced operators. For these reasons, our technology is not sold to customers. Rather, we offer acquisition and data processing/modelling services on a project-specific basis or no-cost access to instruments for larger projects whereby the customer acquires the data and Groundradar processes and models the information. The costs of long-range radar survey is thereby kept to a minimum, allowing radar to be deployed more extensively and effectively.