Monthly Archive: May 2012

Groundradar Presenting Three Papers at the GPR2012 Conference, Shanghai

Jan Francke of Groundradar will be presenting three papers at the GPR2012 Conference being held in Shanghai, China next week. “The Design of an Intrinsically Safe GPR for Underground Coal Mines,” co-authored with V. Utsi and K.K.K. Singh, discusses the technical feasibility of designing what became the MineVue project, recently commissioned for the Indian Government. “Radar Suitability in Aeolian Sand Dunes – A Global Review,” co-authored with D. Tatum, summarises work with long-range radar for developing seismic static solutions and building reservoir analogies in sand dunes located in Wales, Libya, Algeria, Namibia, South Africa, Australia and Brazil. “The Role of GPR in Bauxite Resource Evaluations” discusses the application of long-range radar to bauxite exploration, with case studies from Turkey, the USA, Australia, Brazil and elsewhere.