Monthly Archive: July 2014

Large bauxite exploration project commences in Brazil

Groundradar’s Brazilian partners, Geotec Estudos Geologicos Ltda have commenced a large bauxite exploration project in Salvador for a major mining client.  The survey will entail up to 100 km of lines over rugged terrain – an application and environment ideally suited to UltraGPR technology.  UltraGPR has been used in this vicinity for bauxite exploration since 2008.

New paper by KKK Singh and J Francke on the use of intrinsically-safe MineVue radar for tunnel detection in underground coal mines

A paper entitled “MineVue radar for delineation of abandoned mine galleries” has been published by the Indian Academy of Sciences in its Current Science journal (vol. 107, pp 181-183).  The paper discusses the applications on intrinsically-safe radar for detecting abandoned workings ahead of a working face in underground coal mines in India.  The paper stems from the MineVue technology developed by Groundradar and Utsi Electronics for a large CIMFR R&D project spanning 2008-2012.

Multiple radar systems deployed to sites in Canada for geotechnical applications

Groundradar has supplied multiple radar systems to engineering and geophysical contractors this summer for ground imaging applications in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as on-going surveys in the Yukon for placer gold.  Local staff are conducting surveys in remote locations and uploading data for Groundradar’s staff to process and interpret.  By working closely with such partners, radar technology can be disseminated more rapidly, whilst ensuring that the technology is used in suitable environments for realistic objectives.