Monthly Archive: May 2010

Groundradar surveys January – May, 2010: 1500 km, 15 countries, 6 continents

Groundradar has undertaken an unprecedented volume of long-range GPR projects during the first five months of 2010, in environments ranging from -35 C in the Russian Far East to + 40 C in the Algerian Sahara. Applications have included bauxite and nickel laterite resource delineation to iron ore and limestone exploration projects, as well as further ground-breaking work on seismic static corrections.

Groundradar to present two papers at GPR2010

Two papers will be presented at the GPR2010 conference in Italy in June. “Applications of GPR to Mineral Resource Evaluations” (Jan Francke) provides an up-to-date overview of ground penetrating radar applications in the surface mining sector, including examples of laterite, bauxite, iron ore, and alluvial exploration using the latest radar technologies. “Constructing Hyrdocarbon Reservoir Analogues With Rapid-Acquisition Long-Rage GPR (Dominic Tatum and Jan Francke) present a case study of the use of UltraGPR to create a full 3D volume of the internal structure of a sand dune in southern Libya. A region of 350 m X 500 m was imaged in full 3D to a depth of 60 m with 1 m spaced lines. Over 160 km of radar profiles were acquired in less than 6 hours, yielding never before seen detail of the complex bedding strata to the base of the dune.