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Groundradar conducts surveys in 23 countries in 2010

Groundradar celebrated its busiest year in 2010, with GPR projects completed in 23 countries on all six continents.  Environments ranged from the jungles of the Congo to the Outback of Australia, in temperatures ranging from +40 C (Algeria) to -35 C (Far East Russia).  As industry acceptance of long-range radar grows, Groundradar’s schedule appears even busier in 2011, with all survey teams already booked through late April.

Groundradar receives custom dielectric probe in Estonia

Groundradar has recently visited Estonia to take delivery of a custom dielectric permittivity probe, which is also capable of providing electrical conductivity and soil moisture readings. As the potential applications for Groundradar’s proprietary long-range GPR instruments grow, traditional limitations on suitable GPR survey locations are increasingly challenged. Groundradar will use the new probes at a variety of new application sites worldwide to test parameters critical to the prediction of radar performance. Clients may now employ this instrument prior to Groundradar’s mobilisation to provide critical measurements which Groundradar will use to determine the maximum predicted range and resolution of a survey, as well as the most suitable radar system for the task.

Groundradar surveys January – May, 2010: 1500 km, 15 countries, 6 continents

Groundradar has undertaken an unprecedented volume of long-range GPR projects during the first five months of 2010, in environments ranging from -35 C in the Russian Far East to + 40 C in the Algerian Sahara. Applications have included bauxite and nickel laterite resource delineation to iron ore and limestone exploration projects, as well as further ground-breaking work on seismic static corrections.

UltraGPR technology featured in First Break

Jan Francke of Groundradar and Vincent Utsi of Utsi Electronics have written a paper on advances in long-range GPR technology. A detailed background on radar theory is provided, along with case histories from a variety of mining and geotechnical applications. First Break is the leading publication in Europe serving the geoscience and engineering communities, with a circulation of over 15,000 copies monthly. The article, entitled “Advances in long-range GPR systems and their applications to mineral exploration, geotechnical and static correction problems” is featured as a Special Topic in the July 2009 issue (www.firstbreak.nl). A downloadable version of the paper is available here (©2009 EAGE).

Groundradar at PDAC

Groundradar will be located in Booth 702 at this year’s PDAC. Groundradar will have staff on site to discuss applications of long-range GPR technology to mineral resource and geotechnical applications. The PDAC is the largest mining-related trade show and convention in the world, with over 20,000 delegates.

Groundradar and Utsi Electronics win R&D project

Groundradar and technology partners Utsi Electronics of Cambridge, UK have won a large contract for the research and development of a long-range GPR system for underground coal applications. The system, expected to be developed over the next 12 months, will be able to image geology and abandoned tunnels from both the surface as well as in-seam to distances of 60 m in suitable coal. The new technology will be highly portable and intrinsically safe. More details on this new technology will be available on groundradar.com during the coming months.