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Contrary to what manufacturers of consumer-grade GPR systems promote, the application of GPR for deep mineral exploration is extremely unpredictable.  Some established specific deposit types can generally be expected to work well, such as nickel laterites, karstic and lateritic bauxites, mineral sands, certain BIF and canga iron ores, some limestone, karsts etc.  However, even within this group of established applications are extreme variables in penetration and radar suitability.

For this reason, Groundradar offers trial surveys on a transport cost-only basis for most new project sites, if we do not already have data from near-by.  With this approach, the risk of testing a new technology to the client is reduced to a single airfare from Groundradar’s nearest base (Toronto, Belo Horizonte, Kingston, Johannesburg, Jakarta or Perth).  Groundradar will discuss the requirements and the geological setting with customers for each new project and determine if a trial survey is warranted.

Should a trail survey be successful, Groundradar offers customers the option of having Groundradar staff conduct the survey, or providing qualified customers with instruments and training at no cost to enable then to acquire their own data and have Groundradar conduct the processing and modelling.  In general, customers often acquire their own data, thereby lowering survey costs and logistical complexity.