GPR workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia on Feb 17th

Dr. Francke in cooperation with Danmar ExplorIndo, will be conducting a workshop on mineral exploration applications of long-range GPR at the Hotel Kristal, Cilandak, Jakarta, on the afternoon of Feb 17th, 2017.  The workshop will focus on typical Indonesian applications for GPR, including nickel laterite and bauxite exploration, aggregate and limestone investigations, as well as geotechnical applications such as slope stability and depth to bedrock studies.

Visit Groundradar at the PDAC

Groundradar Inc will be at Booth 702 at the PDAC for the tenth consecutive year.  Visit the booth for the latest news on long-range GPR applications worldwide.pdac-2017-logo-small

Dr. Francke to present paper at KEGS Symposium in Toronto

Dr. Francke will present a paper entitled “Applications and Limitations of Deep Ground Penetrating Radar to Mineral Exploration” at the 2017 Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society Symposium on March 4, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto.  The paper will discuss the latest applications of deep GPR for mineral exploration, as well as address claims of extreme penetration by so-called “megawatt” GPR systems.

Groundradar at Exploration’17

Groundradar will be at Booth 507 at the Exploration’17 show in Toronto, October 23-25.  In addition, Dr. Francke will be presenting a paper entitled “Realistic Expectations of GPR Performance in Mineral Exploration”, which discusses recent exaggerated claims of radar performance by “megawatt” radars and pseudo-radar technology such as ADR.


Extensive gold exploration project in Uganda with UltraGPR

Groundradar’s South African partners are conducting a large-scale exploration project in Uganda using UltraGPR technology.   Excellent results have been obtained to depths exceeding 70 m highlighting veins, possible faults, as well as historical workings.

Groundradar continues surveys at Weipa, Australia

Groundradar is continuing to perfect a GPR system for the shallow bauxite at Weipa, Queensland.  Following from initial studies by Groundradar in the early 2000’s, radar technology has advanced sufficiently that a custom system able to penetrate through the full deposit depth with a small, portable, instrument is now possible.  The radar is linked to an RTK-DGPS for accurate positioning.

Weipa 100 MHz GPR

Groundradar develops new datalogger solution

To improve on the existing Android-based datalogger employed by UltraGPR, Groundradar has developed a custom datalogger with a small wrist-mounted display.  The device can accept data from multiple radar receivers at the same time, as well as from two independent GPS receivers.  The primary GPS is a RTK-DGPS capable of positioning accuracy to within +/- 5 cm over base line distances of 10 km.  A secondary GPS provides back-up position and location beneath vegetation to within +/- 3 m.